Norman Wildmann presents a wind measurement technique based on the use of UAS, a.k.a. drones.

Ab Maas talks about the challenges that wind presents in ballooning.

Sandwich products help to detect and analyse various cloud top features of storms (storm systems) in their mature phase.

This module takes a closer look at vorticity maxima and minima signatures in satellite imagery.

This module provides a guideline on how to assess the threat of volcanic ash. Therefore several tools based on satellite data can be consulted. Prominent examples are the Ash RGB or the use of IASI data.

Icing still represents a major threat to aviation. This CAL module focuses on the occurrence of icing in stratiform clouds. A method to detect icing probability from satellite images in combination with radar and radiosonde data is presented.

Jean Marc Moisselin presents methods to detect IWC from satellite data.

Length: 45 min

Author: Jean-Marc Moisselin (Météo-France)

Elina Tuhkalainen treats the formation and dissipation of fog at airports in Finland.

Length: 35 min

Author: Elina Tuhkalainen (FMI)

The presentation shows a possibility of turbulence diagnostics with aid of the Turbulence Kinetic Energy (TKE).

Length: 50 min

Author: André Simon, Péter Salavec (OMSZ)

Kris Bedka talks about methods helping to detect hazardous weather situations for aviation.

Length: 30 min

Author: Kris Bedka (NASA)