Identify and interpret atmospheric phenomena

Nataša Strelec-Mahović (EUMETSAT) shows and analyses several cases of water vapour structures in the atmosphere using satellite imagery.

Ivan Smiljanić (EUMETSAT) shows how the current MSG satellites can see low-level moisture and how does the moisture affect the weather.

Ivan Smiljanić (EUMETSAT) presents water vapour channels that will become available with the launch of the third generation of Meteosat satellites.

Norman Wildmann presents a wind measurement technique based on the use of UAS, a.k.a. drones.

Ab Maas talks about the challenges that wind presents in ballooning.

HansPeter Roesli illustrated the impact of wind on clouds by examples taken from satellite imagery.

Valerie-Marie Kumer tals about the challenges of flying in complex terrain.

Tomas Pucik gives a presentation on the severe tornado that took place in southern Moravia in June 2021.

Kathrin Baumann-Stanzer discusses the pros and cons of wind measurements principles and gives a historical overview.

Friedrich Obleitner gives an overview presntation on instruments and techniques used for ground-based wind measurements.