Copernicus global maps of Land Surface Temperature from a constellation of geostationary satellites

Within the framework of the Global Land Service, the LST product was developed to increase the area coverage of the LST product currently distributed by LSA SAF. A near global product is obtained by merging SEVIRI (i.e., LSA SAF product) with GOES- and MTSAT-based LST.

Fig. 33: LST merged product from GOES, MSG and MTSAT satellites developed for the Copernicus Global Land Service.

Instrument: MSG, MTSAT, GOES

Target accuracy: 2 K

Algorithm: For MSG (SEVIRI) the LSA SAF Generalized Split Window algorithm is used. For MTSAT and GOES, a two-channel algorithm is applied to measurements from one MIR and one thermal window (TIR) channel during nighttime, and a mono-channel method requiring a single thermal window channel is used during the day.

Spatial coverage: MSG, GOES and MTSAT disks

Temporal frequency: 1 hour

Spatial resolution: 1 km

Projection: fixed grid map

File format: hdf5

Archive data: 2009-present

Data producers: IPMA-GIO

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