Welcome to the simulation!

It is now 06:00 UTC. You are beginning your forecaster's shift. You are responsible for issuing forecasts and warnings around Hungary for certain customers. There is a large outdoor festival going on in Szeged and a running competition between the cities of Komárom and Komárno. You can see the locations of the cities on the orography map below. Several thousand people are attending these events and camping on site so it's crucial that the organizers get the warnings in time. They are mainly interested in the possibility of severe thunderstorms, heavy rain, strong wind gusts, hail, etc. The main outdoor programs end at 14:00 UTC and this is also the end of your shift.

The current time is displayed at the top left of the display. Time runs at ten times normal speed.

You can view the available data using the buttons at the top of the page. New data arrives as time progresses. To see this new data, click on one of the buttons to refresh the display below. DON'T PRESS THE BACK BUTTON or THE RELOAD BUTTON IN THE BROWSER at any time, since that will restart the scenario from the beginning!

Image loops can be navigated with buttons above the image. Before you start, it is worth downloading and reading the Data Description (on the left) to see which sets of data are available and what their backgrounds are.


Once you have gone over the material, you are expected to familiarize yourself with the macro- and mesosynoptic weather conditions and be able to foresee their developments in the very short term. After 06:30 UTC, tasks will be appearin on the left and you will need to answer some questions related to the weather situation. Your first task should be completed by 09:30 UTC simulator time! The scenario mimics a real shift where you would also get questions and tasks from the organizers and Civil Protection authorities, or from your forecaster colleagues.

Watch closely as the situation develops. If you are not satisfied with your original reply, or the situation rapidly changes, you may modify it along the way after checking the new material or forecast hints. The final task has to be completed at 12:00 UTC simulator time.

The shift ends at 12 UTC.

Enjoy your simulated shift!