Weather Events

Warm Front Shields are associated with multi-layered cloudiness, with much low and middle level cloudiness in the warm sector. Moderate to heavy precipitation can be found well ahead of the surface front, but after front passage and in the warm sector slight to moderate precipitation is still possible.

Parameter Description
  • Slight, moderate or heavy precipitation ahead of the surface front.
  • In winter, ahead of surface front snow, freezing rain (drizzle) is possible
  • After the front passage, rain and drizzle (light snow in winter)
  • Rises slowly after the passage of the front.
Wind (incl. gusts)
  • Veering of the wind at the front passage.
  • Sometimes in warm sector increasing and more gusty winds
Other relevant information
  • Precipitation areas move faster than surface front (embedded in Warm Conveyor Belt)
  • Sometimes moderate to severe icing ahead of surface front
  • In wintertime in the warm sector often misty and risk of fog
  • In warm sector low level turbulence possible
  • In summer thunder possible, most likely at the warm side of the front.