Weather Events

Warm Front Bands are associated with multi-layered cloudiness, with clearances in the warm sector. Precipitation can be found well ahead of the surface front until just after front passage.

Parameter Description
  • Rainbands typically 50 kilometres wide and a few hundred kilometres long, usually orientated at a small angle to the surface front
  • Slight, moderate or heavy precipitation ahead of the surface front
  • In winter, snow ahead of surface front, freezing rain (drizzle) is possible.
  • After the front passage small areas of drizzle (light snow in winter)
  • Rises after the passage of the front
Wind (incl. gusts)
  • Veering of the wind at the front passage
  • Sometimes in warm sector increasing and more gusty winds
Other relevant information
  • Precipitation areas move faster than surface front (embedded in Warm Conveyor Belt).
  • Sometimes moderate to severe icing ahead of surface front
  • In wintertime, in the warm sector high risk of fog
  • In warm sector, low level turbulence possible
  • In summer, thunder possible, most likely at the warm side of the front
  • Apart from fog in winter and spring, the warm sector is a dry area with clear patches.