Weather Events

Parameter Description
  • In the case of a WV Eddy convective cloudiness can develop, especially near the leading edge of the wet air stream, close to the transition zone between the high and low WV pixel values. Cloudiness can result in a shower or in some cases in a thunderstorm.
  • No significant change
Wind (incl. gusts)
  • No significance
Other relevant information
  • A WV Vortex is sometimes associated with high level clear air turbulenc (CAT).
  • In the case of a WV Eye even low level cloudiness (e.g. SC Sheets) can dissolve
  • In the case of a WV Eye the production of cloudiness can be inhibited, e.g. underneath a subsidence-inversion

WV Eddy

27 July 2002/00.00 UTC - Meteosat WV image

WV Eye

23 April 2002/12.00 UTC - Meteosat WV image

In the animation below the prevention of cloud production can be seen. (see clear spell in SC Sheets with arrow).

23 April 2002/08.00 UTC - Meteosat WV image