Weather Events

The Thickness Ridge cloudband is multi-layered and normally without significant precipitation except in cases with embedded convection.

Parameter Description
  • Usually no or very few surface reports of precipitation. Light drizzle or light rain can occur during the winter season.
  • Rain, rain showers or even thunderstorms are possible during the summer season in connection with an unstable stratification during the daytime.
  • Rising temperatures in warm sector
  • Mostly weak winds with a southerly component
Other relevant information
  • Multi layered middle and high cloudiness

13 January 2008/06.00 UTC - Meteosat 9 IR image; weather events (green: rain and showers, blue: drizzle, cyan: snow, red: thunderstorm, yellow: fog, black: no precipitation)

In the example of 13 January 2008, 06 UTC, light drizzle and light rain were reported over the UK. There is also light to moderate southerly and south-westerly wind in the region of the Thickness Ridge Cloudiness. Synop measurements are shown for the region in red rectangulare.