Weather Events

Parameter Description
  • Broad precipitation bands (5-50 km wide) are found within and ahead of the surface front. Maximum precipitation close to the Occlusion point (in contrast to Occlusion: Cold Conveyor Belt Type).
  • At the rear part of the cloud spiral showers and thunder, even hail.
  • Seasonal dependence: rising temperatures in wintertime, cool conditions in the summer.
Wind (incl. gusts)
  • Moderate to strong winds. The most intense wind on the outer edge of the cloud spiral.
Other relevant information
  • Generally, Occlusions are connected with multi-level cloudiness. Therefore the weather activities are highly variable.

21 April 1998/18.00 UTC - Meteosat IR image; weather events (green: rain and showers, blue: drizzle, cyan: snow, purple: freezing rain, red: thunderstorm with precipitation, orange: hail, black: no actual precipitation or thunderstorm with precipitation)