Weather Events

Parameter Description - Open Cells Description - Closed Cells
  • Light showers with rain and occasionally snow or (winter)hail, occasionally also some thunder
  • Generally no significant precipitation. If any precipitation occurs it will be drizzle or granular snow.
  • No significant change, however small fluctuations between in- and outside the showers can occur.
  • No significant change.
Wind (incl. gusts)
  • Slight to moderate surface winds.
  • Slight to moderate surface winds.
Other relevant information
  • Aviation: Icing hazard due to supercooled cloud droplets (especially in winter season) and turbulence in/near convective clouds at the cell borders.
  • Aviation: Icing hazard due to super cooled cloud droplets (especially in winter season), and also turbulence can occur at the top of cloud deck (due to windshear).

17 November 2005/09.00 UTC - Meteosat 8 IR image; Surface Observations (Present Weather) and Precipitation Radar superimposed