Weather Events

As Cold Fronts in WA are usually weaker than other Cold Fronts, they give also less precipitation. In about a third of the cases there is no precipitation at all. Severe weather like thunderstorm is very unlikely.

Parameter Description
  • Mostly slight, sometimes moderate precipitation
  • In about 1/3 of the fronts no precipitation
  • Falls slowly after the passage of the surface front
Wind (incl. gusts)
  • Veering of the wind at the front passage
Other relevant information
  • Less precipitation than in a classical Cold Front, often no precipitation at all
  • Risk of moderate icing
  • Very small risk of thunderstorms
  • Front consists mainly of dissipating low and middle cloudiness, sometimes almost cloudless.
03 October 2006/12.00 UTC - Meteosat 8 10.8 image; weather events (green: rain and showers, blue: drizzle, cyan: snow, yellow: fog, black: no precipitation)