Weather Events

Parameter Description
Precipitation (incl. thunder)
  • Heavy rain showers, thunderstorms and hail showers.
  • The most intensive weather activities to be found during mature stage of development of the larger CBs and with the highest cloud tops.
  • If movement of the cluster slow, large amounts of precipitation to be expected.
  • In the dissipating stage heavy showers becoming light to moderate with no further thunderstorm activity.
  • Remarkable drop possible in connection with downdrafts.
Wind (incl. gusts)
  • Wind gusts and even downbursts.

03 April 2006/12.00 UTC - Meteosat 8 HRVIS image
03 April 2006/12.00 UTC - Synop observations in the area of interest
03 April 2006/12.00 UTC - Radar image, reflectivity in dBz
03 April 2006/12.00 UTC - Radar image, Rain hourly accumulated precipitation in mm