Weather Events

Parameter Description
Wind, Wind gusts
  • strong to gale force mean wind (hourly mean wind speed can exceed 20 m/s)
  • hurricane speed gusts (up to 65 m/s) due to which roads along the coast can be closed to traffic
  • in deep-layer bora cases, gale force wind also in the upper layers.
  • turbulence
  • temperature drops on the coast due to strong cold advection from the upwind side
  • relatively dry air descends to the sea level
  • high sea waves close to the coastline with sea spray due to gusts cause serious problems to marine traffic

10 min maximum wind speeds (m/s) measured at some stations during one of the most severe bora episodes in March 2015.

ASCAT Satellite data 5.4.2015. 19:12 UTC, wind field over Adriatic sea. Wind speed in the legend in the lower right corner, scale in m/s.

If you want to see how it is to experience Bura, take a look at videos below.

Extreme Hurricane Force Bora (Bura) - Croatia - March 05, 2015
Special thanks to Marco Kaschuba.

Hurricane force wind Bura 210km/h - Croatia - Ražanac - 05.03.2015.
Special thanks to Boris Kačan.