The Dust RGB

Information received from the three channels that contribute to the RGB combination

IR 12 - 10.8 (difference of the two IR window channels. Split window) Information about dust, which gives a high contribution of red component
10.8 - 8.7 (difference of two IR window channels) Differentiation between water and ice clouds (channel 07 identifies ice clouds better)
10.8 (IR Window channel) Information about cloud top temperatures

Resulting colors for typical features

Pink Dust
Red Thick ice cloud
Black Cirrus
Orange/yellowish/green Low cloud

Typical application areas

  • Detection of synoptic, mesoscale and local cloud systems
  • Discrimination of different cloud systems and cloud thicknesses (thick - high thin - low cloud)
  • Detection of sand storms
  • Detection of SO2 plumes from volcanoes