The MSG channels

MSG uses its SEVIRI instrument to measure electromagnetic radiation on 12 channels, which are summarised in table 1 and later, with some additional content, in table 2. The graphics in figures 1 and 2 show the various channels' basic properties regarding the measurement of radiation from the Earth and the Sun, as well as of the most important absorbing gases in the troposphere. More information about these topics can be found in the Basics chapter "References to General Literature about Satellite Meteorology".

In SatManu "Central wave length" is used as a channel name. Nevertheless, channel numbers are widely used - especially in technical literature - so that both "channel number" and "central wave length" are used in this introductory chapter.

Table 1: MSG channels, Abbreviations: VIS: visible, IR: infrared, NIR: near-IR; WV: Water vapor.

Channel number Central wave length Additional characterization
01 0,6 µm VIS: window
02 0,8 µm VIS: window
03 1,6 µm NIR: window
04 3,9 µm IR
05 6,2 µm WV Absorption band
06 7,3 µm WV Absorption band
07 8,7 µm IR
08 9,7 µm Ozone Absorption band
09 10,8 µm IR
10 12 µm IR
11 13,4 µm CO2 Absorption band
12 Broad band: 0,3 - 1 µm High resolution visible