WWW-Briefing - Oman

30 Minutes

Mahmood Al-Khayari

WWW-Briefing - Oman

Published: 31 May 2013

Mahmood Al-Khayari graduated at Saint Louis University (Missouri State), USA, with BS in meteorology in 2003. He is also holding MS in an engineering field from Sultan Qaboos University. Mahmood Al-Khayari works at Oman Met Service since Feb 2004 until now as meteorologist specialized in forecasting. He has done different kinds of forecasting: General, Aviation and Marine. Also he worked as a lecturer during this period in many courses such as: Met Technician course, aviation courses for Royal Force courses, marine courses for Oman Royal Navy, and many others. Mahmood Al-Khayari was recently selected to take care of the chief's duties of Remote sensing and research section.

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