WWW-Briefing - South America

55 Minutes

Humberto Barbosa

WWW-Briefing - South America

Published: 31 May 2013

Humberto A. Barbosa received his BS in Meteorology at the University Federal of Campina Grande (1995), and his MS in Remote Sensing from the Brazilian Institute for Spatial Research (INPE) – São José dos Campos (1998) and his PhD in Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences from the University of Arizona – Tucson (2004). Currently, he is an adjunct professor III of the Federal University of Alagoas. He has experience in the area of Geosciences, with emphasis in Climatology, concentrating mainly on the following subjects: interactions atmosphere-biosphere, satellite- and ground-based remote sensing of agricultural and environmental areas for extraction of soil and vegetation biophysical parameters and remote sensing techniques.

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