Training Module

WV module

180 Minutes

Liliane Hofer (ZAMG)
Andreas Wirth (ZAMG)

Water Vapour Imagery Pallet

Published: 12 March 2014

This training module gives an overview on applications of MSG water vapour channels for operational weather forecasting. It handles the concept of potential vorticity which is a key feature to understand the dynamic processes in the higher Troposphere such as cyclogenesis. The CAL module also shows practical applications of the WV images from the geostationary satellites for locating tropopause foldings, clear air turbulence and deformation zones. It handles the effects of WV boundaries on the initiation of convective processes and finally presents some meteorological products heavily based on WV imagery.

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Potential vorticity, deformation zones, WV boundaries, cyclogenesis, transverse cloud bands, convection, jet