Weather Alarm DWD

30 Minutes

Wilfried Jacobs

Weather Alarm DWD

Published: 07 October 2010

Presentation developed by Guido Wolz, Rolf Ullrich, Bernhard Reichert and Wilfried Jacobs on the warning system at Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD). The issue of weather warnings by DWD is a task according to law. Especially if weather situations can cause danger for persons and material.

The warning management is split in 3 parts: Early warning in which information as possibility (very likely, likely possible) of significant weather situations on a national scale (250-700 km) from 2 day to one week. Pre-warnings in which severe weather situations on a regional scale (50-250 km) from 1 to 2 days is expected. Finally, rural district warnings where concrete warnings are issued for one or more rural district with a preliminary lead time; if necessary with differentiation of height levels.

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