Synoptic and Mesoscale Analysis of Satellite Images - 2016

52 Minutes

Ab Maas (former KNMI)

Frontal Structures

Published: 1 February 2017

Fronts as described in the “Bergen school” by Vilhelm Bjerknes are early conceptual models. Parameters typical for the changing of air masses were named and used by forecasters to recognize transition zones (fronts) between air masses. Satellite information expressed how right Bjerknes was in his CM thinking, but this information showed also that fronts can have much more complicated structure and life cycle Bjerknes could imagine.

In SatManu there are 5 different types of cold- and 3 different types of warm fronts that are recognized and described.

In this lecture we concentrate on warm- and cold fronts and show how we can analyze them with help of CM thinking.

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fronts, cold front, warm front, frontal theory