Synoptic and Mesoscale Analysis of Satellite Images - 2016

56 Minutes

Ab Maas (former KNMI)

The Manual on Synoptic Satellite Meteorology

Published: 1 February 2017

Getting a good, actual weather picture within short time is essential for a forecaster who has to react quickly and adequately on weather changing’s.

The huge amount of weather data which are available makes it almost impossible for a human being to handle. Thinking in conceptual models is the only way to deal with this problem

Meteorological satellites opened a whole new field in the conceptual model thinking in operational meteorology. Now there was an opportunity to recognize weather systems by detecting cloud patterns and verify this first guesses with observations and numerical parameters.

Within 20 years of the project fifty-three different conceptual models were described in a manual: Sat Manu. Also for the southern hemisphere, we have already fifteen CM’s described.

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