Synoptic and Mesoscale Analysis of Satellite Images - 2014

53 Minutes

Andreas Wirth (ZAMG)

Frontal Substructures

Published: 20 January 2015

When observing the development of frontal zones in satellite imagery, forecasters should always keep an eye on frontal sub-structures like upper waves, front intensifications or newly developing systems. NWP models sometimes catch the situation, sometimes not. Especially for rapid or small scale developments, model performance may leave a lot to be desired.

In this presentation, the focus will be on comparison between model output and satellite data in relation to fontal sub-structures. Model output such as simulated satellite imagery is easily compared to the most recent satellite images and hence form a perfect tool for estimating the model performance.

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wave, upper wave, jet wave, occlusion, front intensification, jet streak, simulated satellite imagery