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Ab Maas


Published: 29 March 2012

Conceptual models are everywhere around us, even in our heads. Human brain as it is, can store lot of impressions but processing these informations can be a big problem. That is why we need conceptual models in everyday communication to know what do others even talking about. All the model data, satellite data, observations, radar data, etc. require good processing of one forecaster so he can cope with all this informations - that is where conceptual model fits in. Very chaotic processes in the atmosphere are today reduced to a smaller number of conceptual models, for the aim of better understanding of whole atmosphere. In this one hour presentation Ab Maas , is introducing manual of conceptual models called Manual of synoptic satellite meteorology (Satmanu). This project started in 1995 and until now there were more than 50 conceptual models described in it, still now maintenance and updating of new models is present. Some of the features and examples of conceptual models are brought in this lecture.

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Conceptual Models, Synoptic Scale Meteorology, Frontal Structures, Frontal Substructures, Convection, Cold Air Outbreak