75 Minutes

Veronika Zwatz-Meise


Published: 29 March 2012

This lecture is somehow extension of previous lecture in the satellite course, and is given by Dr. Veronika Zwatz-Meise. She is speaking about Occlusions. There are five features connected to them and these are; Back-Bent Occlusion, Cold Air Development, Instant Occlusion, Cold Conveyor Belt Type and a Warm Conveyor Belt Type of Occlusion. Presentation is constructed in a way that first there is an explanation of how do occlusion cloud bands look like in different satellite images. Question of processes that take place in the troposphere that lead to what we see in satellite images is also discussed. After that meteorological numerical parameters that describe the occlusion processes in a best way are observed (both on isobaric and isentropic surfaces). And at the end answer to a question "Which special developments at/with occlusion cloud bands take place during their life cycle?" are answered.

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Conceptual Models, Synoptic Scale Meteorology, Frontal Structures, Frontal Substructures, Convection, Cold Air Outbreak