Training Module

NWP Model Monitoring

60 Minutes

Vesa Nietosvaara
Jarno Schipper

NWP Model Monitoring

Published: 01 January 2008

Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) is a fundamental part of the modern forecasting. The importance of NWP in the forecasting process is so obvious that we often forget the restrictions and limitations of NWP. Models do have errors, even a lot of them. Even with ever improving performance the NWP models still have many problems in predicting many weather elements precisely.

It is of extreme importance that the forecaster can be able to evaluate the performance of NWP in a daily operational environment, and not be misled by the NWP output.

This module will concentrate on one aspect in model error correction: the subjective monitoring the NWP output with the help of satellite images. The purpose of the module is to help forecaster to use selected satellite products for a quick analysis of how the NWP model is able to catch the features in the weather chart.

The target users for this module are operational forecasters and developers. The pre-requisites for completing this module are general knowledge of meteorology, some experience in forecasting and a basic knowledge of the satellite images and image techniques.

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NWP, HIRLAM, ECMWF, Model Error, Potential Vorticity, Water Vapour, Vorticity