NWCSAF Event Week

60 Minutes

Anna Eronn (SMHI)
Thomas Heinemann (EUMETSAT)

PPS - Cloud Products

Published: 20 December 2013

The PPS package for Polar orbiting satellites produces Cloud Products for NOAA, METOP and the NPP-Suomi satellites. Products available are Cloud mask (CM), Cloud Type (CT), Cloud Top Temperature and Height (CTTH) and Cloud Physical Properties (CPP) during day CPP validated outputs are cloud phase and cloud liquid water path, as well as the auxiliary output fields cloud optical thickness, effective droplet radius and ice water path.
While the software package was originally aimed at producing NWC products for local satellite receiving stations, a subset of cloud products (CT and CTTH) are now also available in near real time via EUMETCAST within the NWC-EARS service.

In a second talk, Thomas Heinemann will present the EARS-NWC service. Data from the SAFNWC PPS package are computed at EUMETSAT headquarter and distributed via Eumetcast service to end-users.

Great Britain Go to Webcast (Part 1)...
Great Britain Go to Webcast (Part 2)...
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Powerpoint Lecture slides (Part 2)...

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