NWCSAF Event Week

60 Minutes

Andreas Wirth (ZAMG)
Eunha Sohn (KMA)

Met. Systems - Automatic Satellite Image Interpretation (ASII)

Published: 20 December 2013

PGE10 of the SAFNWC/MSG provides an automatic satellite image interpretation in terms of conceptual models (CMs). Conceptual models are important tools for forecasters in diagnosis, nowcasting and very short range forecasting; they describe a synthesis of typical features in satellite images as well as in other synoptic material (for instance numerical model output parameters) and the physical processes causing them. A CM diagnosis cannot only be used for detection of an ongoing process but also for the determination of the stage of development within this process.
This presentation will focus on the practical applications of ASII by showing examples of analysed synoptic weather situations.

In a second talk, Eunha Sohn from the Korean Meteorological Service will talk about applications of NWC SAF modules such as RDT, CRR, HRW and ASII in KMA, ongoing works and future works related to NWC SAF.

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Powerpoint Lecture slides (Part 2)...

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ASII, conceptual models, Korea