NWCSAF Event Week

60 Minutes

Pilar Fernández (AEMET)
Ana Sánchez Piqué (AEMET)

Introduction to the NWCSAF and NWCSAF Operations

Published: 18 December 2013

In the first presentation, Pilar Fernández gives an introduction to the NWCSAF. The general objective of the NWC SAF is to provide operational services to ensure optimum use of meteorological satellite data in Nowcasting and Very Short Range Forecasting. To achieve this goal, the NWC-SAF is responsible for the development and maintenance of both satellite derived products and of appropriate SW Packages, as well as user support and related tasks. This lecture intends to provide an overview of the NWC SAF project including objectives, consortium composition, phases, organization, services and products.

In the second part, Ana Sánchez Piqué gives a detailed overview of the NWCSAF User Services provided through the Helpdesk tool. The attendants will be shown the different services available for users and also the information available for non-users. Some statistics about the Helpdesk use made by the users (Mail Box, SPR, etc..) will also be shown.

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Great Britain Go to Webcast (Part 2)...
Powerpoint Lecture slides (Part 1)...
Powerpoint Lecture slides (Part 2)...

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