Nowcasting Apllications

50 Minutes

Maria Putsay

Nowcasting Apllications

Published: 29 March 2012

This lesson, given by Maria Putsay from Hungarian Meteorological Service, is about derived products for nowcasting applications. Objectives of the Nowcasting SAF are development of Nowcasting products derived from MSG and Polar satellite systems, delivering of the SW Packages to users and User\'s support task through Help Desk. Two software packages for producing products for nowcasting purposes are SAFNWC/MSG (for geostationary satellites) and SAFNWC/PPS (for polar satellites) and the overview of these are given here. Products may be used in two ways; as an input to a program (e.g. to an objective meso-scale analysis or as intermediate product input to other products) and as an final image product for display at a forecaster\'s desk, or case studied. But the main aim is firs one mentioned. Also in this lecture applications of the NWC SAF products at the Hungarian Meteorological Service are discussed.

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