New Concepts in Cyclone and Frontal CM

60 Minutes

David Schultz

New Concepts in Cyclone and Frontal CM

Published: 01 August 2012

This talk presents new conceptual models in cyclone structures and evolutions. How does the large-scale flow in which the cyclone is embedded determine the type of frontal evolution that occurs? What are new ideas in occluded cyclone structure and formation? How does the air flow through cyclones, and what can this tell us about the possibility for deep, moist convection and organized precipitation bands? Are bands on satellite imagery really the location of fronts at the surface? Should we expect that the temperature gradient and wind shift necessarily are collocated with all fronts? How are our conceptual models of fronts being revised through new research? This talk concludes with general principles for how forecasters can improve their skill through the use of conceptual models in operational forecasting.

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Some concerns about the use of conceptual models by Charles Doswell

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Conceptual Model, Fronts, Cyclones, Occlusions, Cold Front, Warm Front