Meteosat Microphysics RGBs

60 Minutes

Daniel Rosenfeld

Meteosat Microphysics RGBs

Published: 27 March 2012

Convective clouds can be characterized by three cloud top properties that can be detected by satellites and represented by respective tree RGB components;

1. Visible brightness, reflecting more solar radiation for thicker clouds with more water and ice (associated with RED color on RGB composites),

2. Cloud particle size and phase (water or ice), having larger drops with greater depth (associated with GREEN color on RGB composites).

3. Temperature, lover for higher tops (associated with BLUE color in RGB composites).

Microphysical processes within the clouds are specially discussed in this lecture, because they present great importance to the net reflectance of the clouds. Various combinations can be made of all the satellite channels to produce desired RGB combination (e.g. Airmass RGB and Dust RGB product) in order to track properties of interest like formation of fog, drizzle, rain clouds, intensive convective storms, etc. This presentation is given by Daniel Rosenfeld from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Institute of Earth Sciences.

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Convection, Microphysics, RGB