Meteosat IR images

30 Minutes

Jan Kanak

Meteosat IR images

Published: 21 March 2012

Overview and application of infrared channels presented by Jan Kanak. The scope of this 30 minutes lecture is to define origins of IR radiation and how it is measured by meteorological satellites. Thermal radiation wavelengths are spread in wide interval from basically 1 µm up to 1000 µm, but in this case interest is only in middle IR (3 - 8 µm) and long IR (8 - 15 µm) spectrum.

Physical background and meteorological interpretation of satellite images is similar to all meteorological satellites, but in this lecture emphasis will be on those derived from SEVIRI instrument, on board MSG satellite. Some of the practical aspects of utilization of MSG SEVIRI data, examples and useful remarks on IR images visualization you can see here. IR imagery is historically very basic observation method of atmosphere and clouds, together with visible imagery.

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