Meteosat IR Enhancements

30 Minutes

Martin Setvak

Meteosat IR Enhancements

Published: 21 March 2012

This short, but interesting and to all satellite community very useful lecture is brought by Martin Setvak.
Image enhancement is a process of image modification or improvement of its quality, the aim of which is to achieve a more pleasing appearance of the final image. However, in science, the main goal for image enhancement is to increase the interpretability of the image to a human eye and brain, typically focusing on a certain feature carried by the image.

Example of this kind of enhancement you can see in everyday use of digital cameras, which have some kind of built-in image enhancement (software based). So the \'raw\' images captured by the EM sensor can be further improved by simple computer post-processing (in other words - enhancement).

Processes of enhancement can be done with various methods, such as; histogram-based methods, curves adjustment, gamma function adjustment, noise reduction, utilization of advanced filters, etc. Also a few nice examples you can see here and taste the abilities of this kind of image improvement.

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