Meteorology onboard the ship Polarstern

30 Minutes

Peter Schmitt
Gert König-Langlo

Meteorology onboard the ship Polarstern

Published: 06 August 2012

Peter Schmitt focuses on the use of satellite data for analysing meteorological situations and brings them in connection to the position of the ship Polarstern and the currently reported weather situation at its position. Gert König-Langlo as second speaker gives a more technical description of the facilities onboard Polarstern. He talks about the capabilities of the ship and the purposes for which it was built. The ship is equipped with many special instruments for synoptic and climatologic analysis of the atmosphere. The data deliver an important contribution to weather forecast models and climatologic surveys in the data sparse areas of the oceans. He finishes his presentation with a description of the German research station Neumayer III in the Antarctic and comes to talk about temperature series measured at the station for more than 30 years.

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Polarstern, Neumayer III