Land Applications

45 Minutes

Carla Barroso

Land Applications

Published: 29 March 2012

The new generations of sensors on board meteorological satellites (SEVIRI -MSG, ASCAT -EPS, etc. ) enabled a whole new range of products related to the properties of the surface. Applications of such products are great. Some of them are; Vegetation monitoring, Wild Fires detection, Floods and Heat waves monitoring, detection of Urban heat islands, Crop water requirements, etc.

Lecture starts with explanation of Vegetation monitoring and some applications of Vegetation products, such as NDVI index, FVC index, LAI and FAPAR indices. After that Evapotranspiration parameter and Reference evapotranspiration overview is given. And at the end Land surface temperature is observed and various applications of this product are discussed.

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Wild Fires, Vegetation, Albedo, Land Surface Temperature