Jason 2 altimetry data

30 Minutes

Sergio Muacho

Jason 2 altimetry data

Published: 16 November 2012

This presentation reports on the use of significant wave height (SWH) altimetry product, derived from OSTM/Jason-2 data, during a recent wave storm in the Northeast region of the Atlantic Ocean at mid-April 2012. Altimetric measurements provide data for wave model assimilation and also support ocean forecasts. Sérgio Muacho will focus on remote-sensed observations that cover a period of one week, and track the wave storm over the Atlantic between south of Iceland and the Portuguese Continental West coast, and the Gulf of Biscay. This study provides a summary of this wave storm and highlights the importance of having altimetry data in ocean areas, where there is a lack of observations, especially in off-shore regions.

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sea wave height, altimetry data, storm