Forest Fires

56 Minutes

Nuno Moreira

Forest Fires

Published: 29 March 2012

Forest fires, as a natural phenomena (e.g. ignited due to lightning), is important factor in natural living process of a forest. Nevertheless, problems occur because most of the forest fires are caused by a human action, thus are very difficult to predict in any form. Therefore this lecture is mainly based on detection of forest fire hot spots by satellite means, which is more important in regions with small population covered areas. Emphasis here is on the IR3.9 µm SEVIRI channel, which can be called window channel, but on the other hand it is close to a CO2 absorption band. The importance of this channel we can see through a Wien's law; 3.9 µm is peek wavelength of blackbody with temperature of around 750 K, which is very close to temperature of a fire flame during active phase of fire. Besides forest fire detection, in this lecture you can hear something about detection of aerosols coming from forest fires, identification of burnt areas and about Fire Risk products.

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