Detecting snow with radar

60 Minutes

Elena Saltikoff
Wilfried Jacobs

Detecting snow with radar

Published: 01 January 2010

In the first part of session 5 Elena Saltikoff (FMI) will talk about diagnosis techniques of snow with radar data more from a theoretical point of view. This talk will include the relevant parameters of the radar equation (di-electricity and diameter), cross sections and reflectivity profiles with bright band and dBZ-gradients. It was also discussed, how different fallspeeds of drops and snowflakes affect the dBZ values. Some applications of polarimetric radar will be considered at the end of this talk.

During the second part of this session Wilfried Jacobs (DWD) will discuss practical examples for diagnosis of precipitation types from radar data and will relate this kind of data to other data categories like radiosoundings, NWP and observations.

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