CO2 and O3 Absorption in IASI

60 Minutes

Xavier Calbet

CO2 and O3 Absorption in IASI

Published: 27 March 2012

This lecture on absorption channels and IASI instrument on board MetOp satellite was held by Xavier Calbet from EUMETSAT. MetOp is LEO polar orbiting satellite that is spinning around Earth at a height of approximately 800 km. IASI instrument is scanning atmosphere below him in mostly infra-red spectrum band, therefore it can detect emission/absorption of gases like CO2 and O3 quite good, due to their intrinsic physical properties. In that way you one can track these gases in the atmosphere and mark their spatial and temporal distribution.
Lecture starts with comprehensive physical background of radiation, with topic like absorption/emission of the atmosphere, properties of the black bodies (Sun and Earth) and EM waves, etc. which are crucial for understanding of instrument functioning. After that there is explanation of spectral band of IASI instrument, CO2 and O3 SEVIRI channels, followed by some examples of application areas of these.

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IASI, CO2, O3, Ozone, Absorption