DFL - Event Week 2014

30 Minutes

Tomas Pucik, ESSL

Environments of non-severe and severe Thunderstorm in Central Europe

Published: 24 June 2015

The environments of non-severe and severe thunderstorms in Central Europe were studied using 16421 proximity soundings acquired in the period from December 2007 to December 2013. In this presentation, we will concentrate on different sounding-derived parameters and how their values change with the increasing severity of thunderstorm-related hazards (large hail, severe wind gusts, tornadoes, excessive precipitation). For example, we show that probability of these hazards as a function of CAPE and 0-6 km bulk shear is different for each hazard. We also present implications for forecasters, such as that area of parameter space with the highest probability of particular hazard may not collocate with the area where it is most frequent.

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thunderstorm, environment, hail, CAPE