Convection - EW 2018

26 Minutes

Vera Meyer, ZAMG

Thunderstorm Characteristics in Austria - A Study based on Radar and Lightning data

Published: 6 June 2019

Since 2014 the Austrian thunderstorm nowcasting tool (A-TNT) monitors and nowcaststhunderstorm developments operationally based on 3D radar and lightning data. The algorithm employs an object-oriented approach observing and storing specific parameter attributes of the individual developments of convective cells. Radar data provide information about the internal precipitation structure and the probability of hail and lightning data about the electrical activity. A daily classification of the weather patterns based on a domestic development following Bissolli and Dittmann (2001) is available since 2004.

Based on a three years data sample the influence of synoptic flow regimes over Austria on typical thunderstorm parameters such as lifetime, cell size and core height, maximum and mean lightning stroke rate has been investigated as well as local thunderstorm frequencies and preferred storm paths.

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