CB Tram and nowcasting convection in Slovenia

60 Minutes

Tobias Zinner
Caroline Forster
Mateja Irsic Zibert

CB Tram and nowcasting convection in Slovenia

Published: 01 June 2009

Presentation from DLR where Tobias Zinner and Caroline Forster will present the topic Synthetic satellite images based on COSMO. The talk will be divided in two halves. First, RTTOV implementation into COSMO is explained and Tobias will show applications of synthetic satellite data in the DLR remote sensing and weather forecast groups. Afterwards, Caroline Forster would present her work on the combination of satellite based nowcasting and COSMO forecast via synthetic satellite data.

The second part of this session will be done by Mateja Irsic Zibert from the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia. The title of her presentation will be on convection in Slovenia: Remote sensing data on selected examples.

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