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120 Minutes

Maria Putsay (OMSZ)

Training Module on MetOp AVHRR RGB Images

Published: 22 November 2017

This training module describes MetOp AVHRR (Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer) RGB schemes that are based on EUMETSAT recommendations. The 'recipes' were tuned to create high quality MetOp/AVHRR RGB images as similar as possible to the SEVIRI RGB schemes recommended by EUMETSAT.

The main aim of the training module is to help the users (weather forecasters and/or other experts) understand and use these RGB types by giving them background information, examples and exercises.

The module takes the following structure:

  •  -The aim of the RGB type
  •  -Physical background
  •  -How to create the given RGB type
  •  -Typical colors
  •  -Examples of interpretation
  •  -Benefits and limitations
  •  -Comparisons with other RGB types and/or single channel images
  •  -Exercise

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AVHRR, RGB, recipes