Product Tutorial

SPhR Product Tutorial

120 Minutes

Maria Putsay (OMSZ)
Mariann Darányi (OMSZ)
André Simon (OMSZ)
Ildikó Szenyán (OMSZ)
Márta Diószeghy (OMSZ)

SEVIRI Physical Retrieval products of NWCSAF

Published: 9 February 2015

The purpose of this tutorial is to help the reader understand and use the SEVIRI Physical Retrieval (SPhR) product. SPhR's purpose is to provide information on convective environmental parameters, particularly on moisture content and atmospheric instability. These parameters are crucial in studying the potential for deep convection, and in predicting the development of convective clouds. Moisture, instability and a lifting (trigger) mechanism are needed for the formation of deep convection.

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Atmospheric moisture, stability, convection, NWCSAF