5.9.2 - Dry Matter Productivity

Dry Matter Productivity (DMP) is the increase in dry matter biomass. Its estimation is useful for:

  • Crop monitoring;
  • Yield forecasting;
  • Carbon sequestration / Net Primary Productivity (NPP)

The Joint Research Center (JRC) is computing this parameter following the approach proposed by Monteith (1972) (LSA SAF 3rd User Training Workshop ), in which DMP is a function of the:

  • Incoming solar radiation (0.2-3.0 μm);
  • Surface Temperature;
  • fAPAR

Next figure shows the comparision between DMP as estimated by JRC, based on fAPAR from SPOT and MSG , respectively, (Example for 2008, February, Dekad 3 over Africa). As observed there is a very good spatial consistency between the two estimated fields.

A North-South transect through Africa along the 20 Meridian (Lybia to Cape Town) also highlights the good correspondence between SPOT and MSG: