5.9.1 - Estimation of Vegetation productivity

Vegetation productivity along the Kalahari transect:

The Kalahari Transect (KT), is one of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) (accessed in 2010) proposed Transects.
It spans a strong climatic gradient in southern Africa, from the arid south to the humid north, while remaining on a single broad soil type, the deep sands of the Kalahari basin.The vegetation ranges over the length of the transect from shrubland through savannas and woodlands to closed evergreen tropical forest, with land uses ranging from migratory wildlife systems, through pastoralism, subsistence cropping to forestry. (Information from: http://medias.obs-mip.fr/www/Reseau/Lettre/10/en/Dossiers/pa2021/pa2021.htm, accessed in 2010).


The aim to define this transect was to:

  • integrate ongoing and future biophysical and relevant socio-economic work in the Kalahari eco-region;
  • to enhance understanding of the entire system within the context of human and climatically induced environmental change.
(Information from: http:///www.ihdp.uni-bonn.de/html/publications/proceedings/nationalcasestudies.htm , accessed in 2010)