5.5.2 - LSA SAF LAI

LAI in the LSA SAF is retrieved using a semi-empirical method proposed by Roujean and Lacaze (2002), in which LAI is related to FVC trough the following expression:



  • a0 - is a coefficient within the range 1.04 to 1.07;
  • b = 0.945;
  • G = 0.5;
  • Ω is the so-called clumping index (Nilson, 1971)

Both coefficients a0 and Ω depend on a Land Cover Classification Map (GLC2000) GLC2000_EUR.pdf

The next figure shows an example of LAI over the Full SEVIRI disk (figure on the left), and the corresponding Error (figure on the right) for the 15th April 2007.


Large spatial gradients of LAI are also found over Africa:

  • LAI ~ 0 on the Sahara desert;
  • LAI gradually increases in the Sahel from areas with sparse vegetation to woody Savannas, reaching the highest values in the equatorial forests;
  • In the southern hemisphere, LAI decreases again from tropical forest through the woody savannas to the desert of Namibia;
  • The higher values within the Meteosat disk (LAI= 6.5) are found in Amazonian forest.